Zoni the the best solution for checking-in your event attendees.

Zoni is FREE to use for events under 100 attendees.

For 100 or more attendees a fee will be applied and an invoice generated. If you would like to know the cost of an event you can use our simple pricing guide and even create a quote https://zoni.co/pricing

Example Event Fees

  • Less than 100 attendees - $0
  • 300 attendees - $60 ($0.30 per attendee)
  • 1000 attendees - $252 ($0.28) per attendee)
  • 5000 attendees - $1,078 ($0.22 per attendee)
  • 10,000 attendees - $1,485 ($0.15 per attendee)

The more attendees you have, the cheaper the service can be provided at volume.

Currency Options

Teamgo pricing and billing is available in AUD, USD, GBP and EUR. You can visit our pricing page and create a quote in any of these local currencies.

Please note, hardware is not included in Zoni pricing and you will be required to supply or purchase this for your event. For hardware options please visit https://shop.teamgo.co

ZONI is a product of Teamgo Pty Limited - the premier visitor management check-in system software for your office.

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