Zoni supports the following label printers for correctly printing badges for attendees and your users. Please ensure you are only using one of these supported models.

  • Brother QL-720NW (Lan, Wireless)
  • Brother QL-810W (Lan, Wireless)
  • Brother QL-820NWB (Lan, Wireless, Bluetooth)

Other models in the series may be supported, please contact support@zoni.co if you are unsure of what printer will perform best for your needs.

How printing works

Setting up a printer is easy, it's a direct connection between the iPad and the Printer over Wifi network or Bluetooth (if supported).

You can connect multiple iPads to one WiFi printer but if you are using Bluetooth you can only connected one iPad to one printer at a time.

Printer Configuration Options

The screen below shows the settings screen of the Zoni iPad app. 

Once you install the iPad app and login with your username and password you will be presented with your kiosk settings and options.

To access the printer settings, tap "SETTINGS",

  1. Wifi Printer - tap to select your network connected printer. If your printer is correctly setup on the network it should appear in the printer list after a few moments once it has been detected.
  2. IP Address - this is your printers network IP address, it will display here once the printer is connected, you can also manually enter a printer IP address if it is not detected on the network or not discoverable.
  3. Bluetooth Search & Pair - for the QL-820NWB series printer, this function operates the same as the WiFi printer option, it will display a list of printers you can connect.
  4. Printer - this will display a list of Bluetooth enabled printers you can connect to
  5. Paper Size - the default paper size will be 100mmx60mm and we recommend these labels, however if you use a continuous label roll you may need to change the default paper size.
  6. Print Test - sends a test badge print job to the printer, this is prefect for testing/troubleshooting.
  7. Reachability Test - as above but without badge printing, it simply makes sure there is a connection and will confirm this on screen.

Printer Stops Working

There are a few options to try if your printer displays an error message on the iPad and will not print, or simply nothing happens.

  1. Check to make sure you are using the correct labels (DK-11202)
  2. Refresh the Zoni app to ensure any dashboard changes (badges) are applied
  3. Logout of the Zoni iPad and log back in again (this also refreshes the app)
  4. You can also logout of the app by closing the application and clearing it from the iPad memory (double tap home button on iPad and swipe up on the app window).

It's likely none of your settings have changed at this point. 

If the Printer is not shown on the settings page try reconnecting it again. 

If the printer does show there are a few options to try.

  1. Use the Print Test function, if the printer prints then it should work fine
  2. Use reachability test, if it reaches the printer, also try a Print Test function
  3. The same applies for both WiFi and BlueTooth connected printers
  4. Ensure you are running the latest version of Zoni (the App Store will always have the latest version available)
  5. Ensure your iPad is a supported model and is updated to the latest version of iOS

Please note

  • It's unlikely you will need to delete the Zoni app and reinstall to get a printer to work, there is no need for this unless our support team instruct you to do so.
  • If you turn off the Printer it may need to be connected to the iPad again, Wifi Printers are assigned a unique IP address on the network, if they are turned off this could be reset and you will need to reconnect it again. Same applies for a power failure or similar.
  • Your IT Admin might set a fixed (static) IP to a printer so the IP never changes even when it's turned off. If you know this number ensure it's displaying correctly on the iPad printer settings and matches.
  • If you cannot see your Printer on the network, ask your IT Admin for assistance.

Important Label Size Information

Zoni supports the DK-11202 labels which are 62x100mm. Other formats may work at times but we do not officially support these types. 

Please check to ensure you are using the DK-11202 labels always and that they have been inserted into the printer holder carefully.

Contact support@zoni.co if you require assistance.

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