At this time Zoni kiosk app is not available on Android devices. This includes Google, Samsung Tablets and variants.

Zoni is a cloud software service (SaaS) that you access in any web browser on your desktop or tablet computer. For more information on Zoni apps for iPad/iPhone please read below.

Zoni Web Dashboard

Zoni performs best with a good internet connection and a modern web browser like Chrome of Safari. Use a secure computer with a fast internet connection and Chrome or Safari web browser for the best experience

Zoni Terminal App

The kiosk app is only available on Apple iPad at this time. The free iPad app connects to your web dashboard account and displays your custom configured Teamgo Terminal for attendees.

For customer who use the Events feature (Zoni) you can also install the Teamgo app on your iPhone and use it as a mobile scanner to sign in event attendees.

Zoni is not available on Android platform tablets including Samsung tablets.

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